Purple Cupcakes, Pink Cupcakes, Birthday Party Cupcakes


Here are some great purple cupcakes decorating ideas, pictures, and recipes for birthday, holiday, and special occasions.

Decorate cupcakes with purple or pink frosting, sprinkles, or purple cupcake wrappers.

Also pink or purple edible flowers, sugars, or glitter can turn an ordinary cupcake into a delightful sight to behold!

Food-color gel or liquid can quickly turn plain white frosting or icing into a pretty purple cloud to compliment your party color scheme.

Or you can use all white frosting, and just add purple or pink decorations such as flowers or sprinkles.

Purple Cupcakes Ideas


Depending on how "purple" you want to go, you can use purple cupcake wrappers, purple frosting, purple sprinkles, sugars, glitter and other edible decorations.

There are also cute purple party favors and other decorations to complete the purple theme.

Violets, pansies, roses and other sugar-flowers are usually available in purple. These flowers, when used with sprinkles, glitter, or purple pearls (dragees), can be used to make really pretty cupcakes.

Pink Cupcakes


Pink cupcakes are perfect for little girl's birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, graduation parties and other special occasions for girls of all ages!

Sometimes just adding a little pink sugar-flower, and some pink sprinkles or glitter adds just the right amount of pink to the cupcakes.

Or you can go "all out" with pink cupcake wrappers, pink frosting, and all-pink decorations.

Birthday Party Cupcakes


Purple or pink cup cakes are great for birthday party cupcakes for girls of all ages!

There are so many pretty options to choose from, when selecting pink or purple as your cupcake color-theme.

Perhaps you just want cute pink or lavender cupcake wrappers, and mostly white with just a touch of color on the frosting.

Purple or pink birthday cake candles are a perfect way to complete the color-themed cupcakes.

Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes for Birthday

  • Pink or Purple Sugar-Flowers

  • Pink or Purple Polka Dots

  • Pink or Purple Decorating Sugars

  • Pink or Purple Sprinkles

  • Pink or Purple Glitter

  • Pink or Purple Candles

  • How to Decorate Purple or Pink Cupcakes


    Selecting the Best Frosting

    Selecting the right frosting is an important first step when decorating cupcakes.

    Icings or glazes are great for some types of decorations, such as edible sugar flowers, sprinkles, colored-sugars, and for writing messages with icing.

    A fluffy buttercream frosting that will hold its shape, is perfect when you want to use a frosting bag and round or star tip to make a pretty swirl of frosting.

    Sometimes it's easiest to soften home-style frosting in the microwave, and dip the tops of the cupcakes before decorating.

    This method provides a nice smooth surface that can be decorated in a variety of ways.



    We have lots of cupcake decorating videos that you can watch to see exactly how each of these techniques can work when you are decorating cupcakes for a special occasion.

    Pink or Purple Cupcake Supplies

    Items to consider when planning color-themed cupcakes include:

  • Wrappers

  • Food-Color Gel or Liquid

  • Edible Decorations

  • Party Picks and Toppers

  • Candles

  • These cupcake supplies are available online, at cake decorating supply retailers, and specialty craft or kitchen stores.

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