Cupcake Wedding Favors, Pictures and Decorating Ideas


The best cupcake wedding favors with decorating ideas, recipes, and pictures.

Planning a wedding? Cupcakes can make perfect and affordable wedding cakes and reception party favors.

If you are on a tight budget, there are some ways to keep the cost down and still have simple but adorable cupcake favors for your guests.

Tiny cupcakes are always perfect for wedding favors.

They can be decorated to match the wedding colors, theme, or flowers.

Cupcake flavors such as chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, and carrot cake are always popular when making cupcake wedding favors.

Add an adorable mini-cupcake wrapper, and you have a very beautiful and delicious treat to give to your wedding guests.


Cake Decorating Ideas

Decorating cupcakes as wedding favors can be both simple to do, and yet look very elegant.

It's easy to add a small sugar flower and an elegant gold, silver, or lace wrapper, and voila! you have a completely adorable mini-cupcake wedding favor.

Other suitable cupcake decorations include colored decorating sugar, edible glitter, and tiny edible pearl sprinkles.

Simple can be very elegant, and save time and money also.

Easy Frosting Ideas


Royal icing is a great way to frost wedding favor cupcakes.

It is delicious, and also quite sturdy once it is set. It won't melt on a warm day, and doesn't have to be refrigerated.

Another advantage is that it will keep the cupcake fresh for a few days if your guest has had their fill of cake at your wedding, and wants to wait before eating their party favor.

Buttercream frosting is also appropriate, and easy to add a few decorating touches such as glitter or sprinkles in your wedding colors.


Cupcake Favor Recipes

See our easy and taste-tested cupcake recipes for ideas.

Most of the recipes given will make 60-100 cupcake favors, depending on the size wrapper you choose. Mini-cupcake wrappers come in several sizes; from bite size to about one-half the size of a standard cupcake.

Packaging Ideas for Cupcake Wedding Favors

Wedding favor cupcakes can be packaged in small boxes.


Boxes are available in white, gold, silver, or other solid colors.

The box can have a clear top to show off the cupcake, or can have a solid top which can also be decorated.

Box decoration ideas include a silk flower, ribbon, or bow to match your wedding colors.

Gold or silver printed seals with the name of the bride and groom, and the wedding date can be used to hold the ribbon or flower decoration in place.

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