Cupcake Stand Ideas, Cupcake Tiers, Trees, Wrappers and Decorating Supplies


These great cupcake stand ideas, photographs, and supply resources will inspire you for your next cupcake special occasion.

Display your cupcakes for a birthday party, wedding reception, or any other event on a cupcake tier or tree.

Cupcake wrappers, and specialty cup cake decorating supplies.


A cupcake stand can come in many shapes and sizes.

From a simple metal tree that holds individual cupcakes, to an elaborate glass or Plexiglas display stand, your cupcakes will be the main attraction at any event.

Most basic cupcake trees hold a dozen cupcakes.

There are many different styles and sizes available.

Cake decorating supplies are available both online, and at local stores that carry a good selection of kitchen and baking items.


Where to Purchase a Cupcake Stand, Tree, or Tier


Basic cupcake tiers or trees can be purchased at any store that has a good selection of kitchen items.

Large stands for wedding receptions or large events can be rented from party supply rental companies.

Amazon, and other online stores, have many different style cupcake trees and other cupcake baking and decorating supplies for sale. See Amazon Widget in right-hand column for purchase options.

Many are reasonably priced, and can help turn your cupcakes into a lovely centerpiece for any special occasion.


How to Make a Simple Stand


You can make a homemade cupcake tier by turning over a glass vase with a fairly large bottom, and placing a dinner plate on top.

Use museum putty or florist clay to help keep the plate in place.

Don't lift the cupcake by the top; be sure to lift it from the base.

If you want several stands, use different height vases or large tumblers, and different size plates on top.

Specialty Wrappers, Cake Decorations and Cupcake Supplies


Planning a Princess birthday party, or a special graduation party?

Why not find the perfect cupcake wrappers and cake decorations to fit your party theme?

Fancy wrappers, or cute toppers can make your homemade cupcakes as though they were professionally made.

Tie a bit of ribbon, or add a birthday candle, and you can have the cutest cupcakes ever.

Cupcake rings are a cute way to decorate kids birthday or Halloween cupcakes.

They are available in many themes such as football, spiders, Dora, soccer, Mickey Mouse and lots more.


Baby showers are also a perfect time for cupcakes, and there are cute edible decorations to top your little creations.

Or you can just use a sweet and simple color theme; frost with pastel icing, and add some simple white lines of icing to decorate the tops.

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