Baby Shower Cupcakes Recipes, Decorating Ideas, and Supplies

Planning a Baby Shower


The best baby shower cupcakes ideas with recipes, decorating tips, and shower decorating supply sources.

Homemade cupcakes can be the perfect dessert for your next baby shower.

Often used as a focal point for a shower refreshment table, decorated cupcakes can follow or provide a shower party theme.

Why struggle with a large cake when planning a party when baby shower cupcakes are yours for the making?

Cupcakes can be made a day before the baby shower, placed in the box for easy transportation and then assembled at the venue.

Now, that is certainly easier than baking or decorating a layer-cake!

Baby Shower Stands for Cupcakes

Your cupcakes can be arranged on a cake stand made to look like a three-layer cake, and on a cupcake stand like a bouquet of sweet edible treats.

You can even experiment with the layout just to set the mood for the baby shower for a dear friend or family member.

Which Cupcake Recipe to Use?


One batch of cupcakes are made from chocolate with buttercream frosting and candies for toppings - certainly a classic favorite among single ladies and expectant moms.

Other batches of cupcakes can be more adventurous such as red-velvet, carrot cake, or strawberry.

Your guests at the baby shower can then choose which one delights their senses the most. Or consider making mini-cupcakes, so that guests can sample more than one flavor.

Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Baby Shower Cupcakes Video

This cute but simple idea used dollar store baby shower party favors, and matching-color round edible cake decorations.

You can easily adapt this idea to whatever shower decorations or party favors you wish to use.

Other Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

If the baby is a boy, baseball cupcakes are great ideas. It's a bonus if the mother is a baseball fan.


  • Frost the cupcake with white vanilla buttercream icing for the ball.

  • Make the ball's stitching with either red licorice or red frosting or a red writing tip.

  • Make a signature of the mom's name using chocolate frosting and writing tip.

  • cupcakes

    If the expectant mother chose to keep the baby's gender a secret, go for sleeping baby cupcakes.

    You can make two flavors of these little cupcakes but just make sure that each one is properly labeled, so to speak.

    For example, use pink fondant for the chocolate and blue fondant for the vanilla.

    Cupcake Party Favors

    Cupcakes are also great giveaway party favors for the guests.

    Set aside one batch so that each guest goes home with the most delectable cupcake oozing with goodness from its core and tantalizing the taste buds with its scrumptious toppings.


    Place in a small pink, blue, or clear box for great presentation.

    Baby Shower Party Favors

    For more excellent baby shower party favor ideas, visit our friend Desiree at Perfect Party Favors.

    You'll find all the newest and best ideas for planning the perfect baby shower!

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