Christmas Cupcakes Recipes and Party Cupcake Decorating Ideas

The best Christmas cupcakes with decorating ideas, pictures, and recipes are shown below.

Be creative; bake some delicous homemade cupcakes for your Christmas party or family gathering!

Special Christmas cupcake wrappers, supplies, display stands or trees are available locally or online to make your holiday party dessert extra special.

Easy Christmas Cupcakes Decorating Video

Red and Green Striped Frosting with Santa and Candy Cane Decorations Video

Using red and green food coloring gel, we "striped" the inside of a pastry bag using the wooden handle of a small paint brush.

As the video shows, be sure to apply the stripes all the way down into the decorating tip.

Next we filled the pastry bag with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Squeeze out, and discard a couple of inches of frosting to remove excess color gel.

When frosting the Christmas cupcakes, use a large star tip ( in the video, we used a size #828).

We purchased cute santa and candy cane party picks to decorate our striped cupcakes.

This cupcake decorating video shows a really easy and cute idea for decorating holiday party cupcakes!

Getting Into the Spirit with Christmas Cupcakes


The Christmas season is one of the most-widely celebrated holidays around the world.

Getting into the spirit of the season is easy when your home begins to sparkle with your favorite Christmas decorations including bright twinkling lights, ornaments, and angels on the Christmas tree.

You can also encourage the spirit of the most joyous of occasions in the Christian calendar by baking some delicious homemade Christmas cupcakes!

Homemade Christmas Cupcakes are Family Favorites


Cupcakes are one of the most favorite holiday desserts.

Quick and easy to bake, decorate, and serve, cupcakes are appropriate at the most elegant party, or to leave on Santa's plate instead of cookies!

Most everyone enjoys good cupcakes, from youngsters to oldsters.

Special cupcake wrappers with holiday themes such as Christmas, New Years, and Hannukah are available from party supply stores locally or online.

Easy Christmas Tree Cupcake Decorating Idea Video

These cute Christmas tree cupcakes are perfect for any holiday party or family Christmas dinner!

You will need 1 can of vanilla frosting, which you will heat in a microwave oven for about 30 seconds, stirring frequently.

When the frosting is about the texture of thin cake batter, hold the cupcakes upside down and dip them into the frosting.

Then place about 1 or two cups of Christmas tree green frosting in a pastry bag, using a #6 or #8 round decorating tip.

Use a brown or black frosting tube to create the tree trunk.

Use round sprinkles in the desired colors to add ornaments to the Christmas tree.


Quick and Easy Holiday Desserts

Cupcake stands, trees, and tiers offer an elegant way to display your delicious homemade party cupcakes.

Kids and adults love homemade cupcakes for many reasons. Homemade cupcakes are a treat that will top off the perfect meal, while also satisfying the eye - nobody can resist a bite or two of their favorite holiday dessert, after all.

Cupcakes are also very easy to prepare using basic ingredients while decorating these sweet treats is a breeze.

Use whatever edible materials are available in the pantry from candy canes and colored frosting to shredded coconut.

Put your imagination at work with the following examples of great cupcakes for the Christmas season.

Christmas Holly Wreath Cupcakes Video

These holly wreath cupcakes are a bit more challenging to decorate.

You will need a leaf-tip and some green frosting for your pastry bag, and some red cinnamon candy to add the "berries" to the holly wreath.

But they are worth the extra effort, as they add a delicious and festive touch to any Christmas or holiday party celebration!

Homemade Santa Claus Cupcakes

Probably the most favorite of all Christmas cupcakes is the Santa Claus cupcakes.

This should not come as a surprise since St. Nick is a traditional symbol of Christmas for most kids.

Making Santa Claus cupcakes are easy:


  • Frost each cupcake with one thick layer of white icing. Curve the red frosting hat around Santa's face and then add a marshmallow pompon on top of the hat.

  • Sprinkle shredded coconut on Santa's face to make his hair and lush beard.

  • Use gel icing to draw on Santa's eyes and cheeks while a red candy stands for his nose.

  • Of course, Santa Claus should have his reindeer beside him.

    You can then make Christmas cupcakes shaped like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and his friends.

  • Snap pretzel sticks and then form these into antler shapes. Press two antlers into a chocolate-frosted cupcake.

  • Place white M&Ms to make the eyes while black decorating gel look like the pupils

  • Press a mini vanilla wafer as a snout, a red M&M for the nose and Tootsie Roll Midgee for the ears.

  • Homemade Snowman Cupcakes


    Yet another mainstay of Christmas is Frosty the Snowman.

    To make this lovable figure using any kind of flavor in the cupcakes:

  • Frost the cupcake with white icing.

  • Flatten one large marshmallow, cut it in two and then place one on top of the other to form the snowman's head and body.

  • Slowly push a pretzel stick on the snowman and then place this setup on the frosted cupcake.

  • Decorate the marshmallow snowman with a decorator's gel to form the mouth and eyes on the head as well as the buttons on the torso.

  • An orange candy slice forms the nose.

  • Stick small pretzel sticks for the arms.

  • Add a fruit leather scarf and a candy hat to finish the look.

  • More Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas


    For more inspiration on Christmas cupcakes, look around your home at your Christmas decorations.

    Mistletoe, berries and candles, can be fashioned from frosting, candies and edible decorations to make the cutest cupcakes ever for Christmas.

    You may even start a new Christmas tradition in your family!

    Home Decorating Ideas


    When planning Christmas desserts, you may also be thinking of decorating your home for Christmas!

    For more beautiful and unique Christmas decorating ideas, visit our friends at Decorating Ideas Made Easy.

    Decorating Ideas Made Easy
    Whether decorating for a holiday, or redecorating any room in your home, you will find lots of unique and creative ideas to help you get started.

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